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[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions
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What is a difference between 'TFS TENT' and 'MARQUEE TENT' (Shell scheme, space only)?

'TFS tent' has tensioned structure system and will provide a huge floor space (width 30-40m x length 55-130m) and a high ceiling in KIEMSTA.

'Marquee tent', called Mongolian tent in Korea, is basically a tent which is framed by aluminum. The size of Marquee tent is 5m x 5m x 4m and the tent will include a company name banner, 1 table, 4 chairs, 1 electricity socket (220V, 1KW), and floor carpet.

'Shell scheme' will provide 3m x 3m x 2.4m booth and include a company nameboard, 1 info-desk, 1 table, 4 chairs, 1 electricity socket (220V, 1KW), lights, and floor carpet.

'Space only' will provide a space for exhibition in TFS tent. If you apply for 'Space only', you should prepare other things such as booth construction, furniture, electricity, floor treatment and so on.

What is size of booth?

TFS tent basic booth: 3m x 3m x 2.4m
Marquee tent: 5m x 5m x 4, (3.9m display height)
Space only: 3m x 3m (5m height maximized)

When provided 'Space only', is there any restriction of booth constructors?

Booth constructors should register to Korea exhibition & convention center (COEX, KINTEX, BEXCO, EXCO).

A 'declaration of booth constructor' must be submitted by all exhibitors to exhibition organizers. If you would like to construct booth by yourself, there is no exception to submit a declaration.

The height of booth is maximized up to 5m high. However, exhibition space located near the TPS tents will be more valid as the TFS is streamed structure shaped, not vertical structure shaped.

Electricity & Water supply

- Not only Marquee tent booth but also shell scheme in TFS tent will provide basic electricity (220V, 1KW). However, 'Space only' booth in TFS tent will not provide electricity, so that you should apply for additional electricity supply.

If you get water supplied, please visit designated water supply spots in the exhibition hall. However, exhibition organizers will not provide water supply to each exhibitor booth.

Is the Internet avaliable?

Unfortunately, there is no Internet lounge on fair ground. If you need to use the Internet, please visit buyer support center.

Individual exhibitors will not be able to use the Internet service since the fair ground is outdoors.

Is there any security guard?

Security guards will be allocated to provide security for all people during the exhibition. However, the exhibition hall will be very crowded with people so you need to pay full attention in your booth.

Is there fork-lift for carrying exhibition items?

Yes. we will provide fork-lift service for free.
However, exhibition place is very huge and the number of fork-lift is limited so you may wait for your turn to use fork-lift. Exhibition organizer will arrange time for using it. If you want to use fork-lift early morning and evening, you will be charged the extra cost.

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